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Have you ever experienced big disaster??

Hi. I'm Iris Nakamura.

Have you ever experienced big disaster?? I have.

When I was 5 years old, I rode in the car and went to department store. Suddenly a big earthquake was happen. That earthquake is called 3.11 earthquake.

After that I went to department store anyway, however department store had changed.

Not only that, I saw many people who don't know what to do.

I could never forget about this memory.

I learned from this experiences.

"How to prevent myself from earthquake" is important.

Also we never forget "what we will do after earthquake happened." It is important too.

What will we do after earthquake happened?

I think you should think two points before earthquake happened.

First, you should check temporary gathering spot.

By doing that you can find your family easily.

Second, you should check where is public telephone.

Many people couldn't use their phone when 3.11 earthquake happened. By checking it, you can contact with your family.

I want to reduce people who don't know what to do and can't contact with their family.

We spread disaster information in our SNS.

Please check and use our information.

Thank you for reading.





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