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EJN will become a member of the Japan Youth Council and make policy proposals to the LDP headquarter

EJNは日本若者協議会の団体メンバーに参加し、自民党本部へ 防災教育推進の政策提案を行います。

Since 2015, the Japan Youth Council has held a public discussion event for young people and lawmakers called "Youth Parliament", and has been proposing policies to each party.

In 2022, in preparation for the election of members of the House of Councillors, we will make policy recommendations to each party on (1) labor and social security, (2) gender, (3) education, and (4) youth's political participation.

As a representative of EJN, Mitsuoka will propose to the LDP headquarters the importance of disaster prevention education and subsidies for acquiring disaster prevention personnel qualifications.

Details of the day will be reported later.




Have you ever experienced big disaster??

Hi. I'm Iris Nakamura. Have you ever experienced big disaster?? I have. When I was 5 years old, I rode in the car and went to department store. Suddenly a big earthquake was happen. That earthquake is


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