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EJN Activities Introduced to Former Prime Minister Suga

The guest speaker was former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who participated in a question-and-answer session with the participants of the Student's Diet for one hour.

EJN participated online and asked the following questions to former Prime Minister Suga.

” have established an organization to promote disaster prevention education for foreigners living in Japan. I would like to ask former Prime Minister Suga how much the government recognizes the need for disaster education for foreigners and if it is possible for the government to consider subsidies for specific activities.”

The ideas and cooperation of volunteer students from all over Japan are indispensable to EJN's activities.

Former Prime Minister Suga advised us that it would be better in the future if we use apps and other tools to promote disaster prevention education.

I recognized that developing EJN's own app for future activities is one idea and felt that we should think positively about it.

In the end, he was very impressed with EJN's activities and complimented us on how wonderful it is that students have such an awareness of the issues.

It was a valuable day that motivated us for future activities.




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